The Simplest Way To Finding Great Team Members When You’re a Small Business Founder

published on 21 October 2022

Every small business owner struggles with hiring the best employees.

I did for years. 

I did not enjoy finding quality candidates, then shepherding them through the interview. I loved working in my business. I would start recruiting,only when I was particularly overwhelmed.

I had to go through a lot of below average candidates, before I found someone who was above average for our needs.

Here's what I found to be the best way to find quality candidates: 

Always be hiring

Finding someone great is easy, if you’re not desperate to hire someone right away. 

Great candidates are usually are not looking for a job, and especially when you are hiring.

So it makes sense to keep job applications open and keep interviewing candidates as well. You can pass this along the burden of regular interviews to your team. Your team members can vet the candidates before you do the final round.

Not finding the right candidates is one of the biggest problems for business leaders. Finding them can be easier if you're looking for them all the time instead of when you need them.

Don't start digging a well only when you're thirsty.

You'll lose time weeding through candidates that are not perfect. But finding a great team member is worth it. 

You'll be in a great place to handle the next surge in your business.

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