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updated on 29 June 2023
Linkedin + Hirevire
Linkedin + Hirevire

As a business owner, finding the right employees is essential for success. You want to attract top talent to your company, but it can be challenging to sort through hundreds of resumes and find the best candidates. This is where hirevire comes in - a flexible digital hiring process that can help you attract the right candidates from the very beginning. In this article, we will guide you on how to add hirevire to your LinkedIn job posting to attract and hire top talent.

Why LinkedIn?
LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network, with over 690 million active users, making it an amazing platform to post jobs and receive quality candidates. What's even better is that 90% of these users are open to new job opportunities. Plus, it's free for most users, so you have nothing to lose.

About This Tutorial
This tutorial will cover the steps required to add hirevire to your LinkedIn job posting, including posting your job on LinkedIn, adding hirevire to your LinkedIn job post, and collecting responses.

Let's get started!

1. Post Your Job on LinkedIn

The first step in attracting the right candidates to your business is to post your job on LinkedIn. The process is quick and easy, and most of the questions you will already have answers to.

To get started, head to LinkedIn and follow these steps:

LinkedIn Create Job. Page 1
LinkedIn Create Job. Page 1

Continue working through the simple steps until you reach the "Applicant Options 2 of 2" page.2. 

Add Hirevire to Your LinkedIn Job Post

Assuming you have already created a job in hirevire, adding it to your LinkedIn job post is easy. If you haven't, please book a free on-boarding session or watch the pre-recorded on-boarding video.

Here are the steps to add hirevire to your LinkedIn job post:

LinkedIn Create Job. Page 2
LinkedIn Create Job. Page 2

By using hirevire at the very beginning of your hiring process, you will attract more candidates to your business.

This is good news for you and your brand as you will have more choices when selecting the best fit for your company. Additionally, by using a digital process, you will receive a more diverse pool of talent as there are fewer barriers to entry.

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