Top 7 Alternatives for Hirevue

updated on 24 January 2023

Best Hirevue Alternatives:

Don't limit the scope of your hiring due to a lack of reasonable and easy-to-use virtual screening tools.

Here is a list of top alternatives for Hirevue.

The following alternatives have similar features. And also share a commonality in their functionality, operation and performance. Making them easy to set up and simple to use.

  The Features: 

  1. Analytics: Provides analytics tools for tracking business metrics.
  2. Mobility: Accessible from any mobile device.
  3. File sharing: Provides sharing options with both internal and external  stakeholders
  4. Customer Support: Provides Customer Support
  5. File Uploads: Provides uploading of Resumes and CV's.
  6. Chatbox: Allows to chat with the concerned Team.

The list of alternatives is as follows:

1. Willo

Willo is super simple to set up and use. There’s no dark mode, advanced algorithm or useless features. It’s hassle-free hiring – exactly the way it should be.


  • For business upto 49 employees     : USD 900$   Annually.
  • For business upto 249 employees   : USD 3600$ Annually.
  • For business above 250 employees : USD 12000$  Annually

2. Hirevire

Effortlessly Screen Candidates with Hirevire, User-Friendly, Uncomplicated and Frills Less Video Interview Tool.  

Easily send questions and review video responses.

Eliminate wasting time with scheduling phone screens with unqualified candidates.


  • For responses upto 10  per job posting: Free.
  • For responses upto 50  per job posting: USD 39$ One time.
  • For responses upto 200 per job posting: USD 149$ One time.
  • Lifetime Deal: USD 545$ One time.

3. Sparkhire

A simple video interviewing platform with thoughtful features.  Since its launch in early 2012, Spark Hire has helped thousands of companies "meet" candidates faster than ever before by utilizing one-way video interviews to eliminate phone screens, streamline recruiting efforts, and gain more insight into candidates.


  • For 01 job posting: USD 149$ Monthly.
  • For 05 jobs posting: USD 299$ Monthly.
  • For 10 jobs posting: USD 499$ Monthly.
  • For 10+ jobs posting: Contact Sparkhire.

4. Vidcruiter

As a result, organizations may struggle to effectively utilize Hirevue and may need to consider alternative options for screening applicants.

Vidcruiter offers pre-recorded and live video interviewing that can be customized to meet any recruitment scenario and has helped companies of all sizes find better quality applicants in a faster and more cost-effective way.


Contact Vidcruiter for a price quote.

5. Hireflix

Hireflix is a user-friendly one-way video interviewing platform. Implement one-way video interviews without losing the personal touch, screen more candidates in less time, and quickly assess the qualities of a candidate beyond their CV.


  • Small: For companies with less than 50 employees:  USD 75$/month.
  • Medium: For companies having 50 to 250 employes: USD 150$/month.
  • Custom: Corporates, Recruiting Agencies and High Volume Processes: Contact Hireflix fro price quote.

6. Jobma

Jobma aims to make HR technology accessible and affordable globally. Its intuitive & user-friendly video interview platform allows you to create a job post and start interviewing in just a few clicks.


For Essential, Professional or Enterprise use: Please contact Jobma for price quote. 

7. Recright

Recright simplifies recruitment with its all-in-one video tool. Advertise open positions, review applications, and conduct pre-recorded video interviews all in one place. It brings a human touch to recruitment, moving away from traditional methods.


  • For Easy:  10 - 20 job positions per year:    USD 265$/ month
  • For Pro:  20 - 50 positions per year:           USD 475$/ month
  • For Enterprise: Over 60 positions per year: Contact Recright for a price quote.

To sum up: 

Whether you are small, medium or big organization; or a recruiting agent, you'll need a few hiring tools handy.

Hirevue is a great tool, but you should never stop looking for better alternatives. You may stumble upon something really great.

But if you feel nothing is working out, or you're spending too much time designing, try delegating some tasks. Contact our team to help you locate some of the best hiring tools suitable for your need

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