New improvements and updates to Hirevire

14 Oct 2022 - Supabase update

  • Supabase version updated to 2.0
  • Current user's email now shows in the header

13 Oct, 2022 - Sign in with Google
G logo

Added ability to sign-in with Google 

05 Oct, 2022 - One video per question

  • Added ability to record videos separately for each question
  • Improved the "retakes" functionality for candidates
  • Added view and play multiple answers for recuriters
  • Removed the scroll through all videos feature 

27 Sep, 2022 - Improved welcome

New welcome emails to new users after a few hours of signup. 

11 Sept - Demo job added

After successful registration, a demo job is created automatically with demo applications, for a user to experience application process without having to create a job.

12 Aug, 2022 - Improved details page

Major improvements to design and flow of the application details pages.

3 Aug, 2022 - Bug fixes

Minor bugs fixed for video creation flow

18 Jul, 2022 - Introduction videos for recruiters

Recruiters now can upload videos explaining role responsibilities, company culture, and the interview process.

22 Jun, 2022 - Passwordless login

Added ability to log in using magic link without password.

Runs on Unicorn Platform