How It Works

  • 1

    Create a job

    Add the details of the job you're hiring for.

    You can (optionally) upload an introduction video explaining the job responsibilities, your company culture and how you're providing a great opportunity. 

  • 2

    Share the link

    You get a job application link that you can share with the candidates that you've screened.

    Send this out via individual emails or add this your ATS workflow. 

  • 3

    Candidates record a video

    Candiates can create video response to your questions without the need for a login.

    They can answer each question individually and re-record the videos as many times as they like.

  • 4

    Review video

    When the candidate completes the application, you receive an email notification containing the application's video link.

    You can review candidate responses on your own time eliminating the need for scheduling dates and times for the screening.

    Once you've found the right fit - you can then schedule a traditional interview. 

Runs on Unicorn Platform