Hi, I'm Sanat

 I, along with my Co-Founder Nikhil Kachare created Hirevire to help you screen more candidates in less time.

A little more than a decade ago, I ran a small web development business where I frequently hired entry and mid-level developers. As the founder, I personally screened all applicants for both skill and cultural fit to ensure efficient interviews for my team.

After my company was acquired, I was constantly interviewing candidates for larger teams, but this was more challenging because someone from HR would screen candidates and then share a very short written note (if we were lucky) along with the resumé.

To address this issue, I created Hirevire, which captures answers to screening qustions in a more meaningful format through video rather than just CVs or resumes. This video can be shared with the interviewer beforehand, providing them with essential information needed for successful interviews.

While other software relies on AI to screen candidates (usually on just buzzwords in the resume), I firmly believe that AI in recruitment is a foolish approach to an extremely human focused task. Instead, our goal is to simplify collecting answers at scale so interviewers can focus on conducting more effective interviews.

Most of the features we’ve built have been based on feedback we’ve collected from our users - would love a feature request from you 

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I reply to all my email, so don’t be shy: sanat@hirevire.com

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