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Standardised, async, unbiased, one way video interviews to make better hiring decisions. 

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Get 100s of completed interviews from one recording

Record videos or text of your team asking the interview questions. 

Hirevire - record interview questions

Automate your hiring

No more scheduling the right time for both candidate and interviewer.
Candiates record their interview answers at a time convenient to them. 

Hirevire candidate GoT edition

Share recorded video interviews

Recorded interviews give your clients and interviewers more clarity before the final interviews. 

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Hello hello,

Hiring always takes more time than expected.

You're always looking to expand your team. It is incredibly exciting to get candidates applying to your job posting. But, resumes don't do a great job of showing the person behind them.

There are too many candidates out there - vying for the same position. Setting up interviews needs rethinking now more than ever. 

At hirevire, we're trying to make hiring easier for recruiters. By optimising the screening process.

We let candidates screen themselves by answering questions set by you.

Candidates prefer hirevire because they get to show their personality, at a time convenient to them.

We think this will help your team find better people faster. Ultimately hiring the best candidate. 

The hirevire team

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