The 10 Best Pre Screening Interview Tools in 2024

The 10 Best Pre Screening Interview Tools in 2024

Samyak Ramteke

Samyak Ramteke

Samyak Ramteke

Hiring the wrong candidate can cost your company time, money, and productivity. 

But what if there was a way to identify top talent early on before you invest in full interviews? 

Enter pre-screening tools

With the right tool, you can find candidates who are a perfect fit for your company's culture and role requirements. 

But with dozens of options on the market, choosing the best one can be overwhelming. 

In this article, we’ll cut through the noise and look at the top 10 pre-screening tools in 2024, based on features, capabilities, and value. 

We'll also provide a detailed comparison to help you select the right fit for your organization. 

Don't let another bad hire slip through the cracks. 

Read on to discover the best pre-screening tools for 2024!

What are Pre Screening Interview Tools for?

In a nutshell, pre-screening interview tools are designed to help recruiters streamline the early stages of the recruitment process.

They offer a more efficient way to evaluate a large pool of applicants and identify promising candidates who deserve further consideration.

What are the Key Benefits of Using a Pre-Screening Interview Tool

Saves Time and Resources

By automating interviews and assessments, these tools significantly reduce the time it takes to screen candidates. 

Recruiters can then focus their efforts on interviewing the most qualified candidates, saving valuable time and resources.

Reduces Bias

Pre-screening tools can help to mitigate unconscious bias by using standardised questions and assessments. 

This ensures all candidates are evaluated fairly and based on their skills and abilities, not on irrelevant factors like gender, race, or age.

Improves Candidate Experience

Pre screening interviews can actually improve the candidate experience by providing a convenient and flexible way to participate in the initial stages of the hiring process. 

Candidates can often complete interviews on their own schedule and at their own pace, which can be especially appealing to busy professionals.

Provides Valuable Insights

Many pre-screening tools offer features like automated scoring, analysis of responses, and candidate self-assessments

This data can provide valuable insights into a candidate's skills, personality, and cultural fit, helping you make more informed hiring decisions.

Enhances Collaboration

Some pre-screening tools offer collaboration features that allow hiring managers and team members to easily share feedback and make decisions together. 

This can help ensure everyone is on the same page and that the best candidates are selected.

The 10 Best Pre Screening Interview Tools in 2024

Check out our list of the best Pre Screening tools available on the market. From automating mundane tasks to getting the best features for seamless recruiting, they promise a range of capabilities to improve hiring across the organization.


Hirevire is the best out there if you are busy and hiring is not the only thing that you do.

Hirevire will collect all types of responses from video, and audio, to file responses to give you better judgement about the candidate's abilities. 

You get to see candidates’ true personalities shine while gathering in-depth insights about their abilities.

It is the fastest way to pre-screen applicants and identify those worth investing in for further interviews.

Hirevire best features

  • Video Screening - Assess soft skills/fit with pre-recorded video Q&A

  • Time Savings - Skip initial interviews to accelerate screening

  • ATS Integration - Smooth syncing promotes unified candidate experiences

  • Intuitive Interface - Easy for both recruiters and applicants to use

With Hirevire, you can rapidly identify promising talent while simultaneously providing an engaging, modern experience.

Hirevire limitations

  • It is not a good fit if you receive very few resumes.

  • Not a good fit for interviewers with ample time.

Hirevire ratings

Hirevire pricing

Hirevire offers a 7-day free trial with no credit card requirements. There are 3 pricing tiers available:

  • One Job: $29 per month / $290 per year

  • Startup: $49 per month / $490 per year

  • Growth: $99 per month / $990 per year

Sounds like exactly what you’ve been looking for? Get started today for free!


With over 6,000 customers conducting video interviews in over 100 countries, Spark Hire helps several enterprises make better, more collaborative and quick recruiting decisions.

Companies of all sizes are using Spark Hire to make better hires faster.

SparkHire best features

  • One-way interviews and live interview options are available.

  • Branding customization

  • Collaboration tools

  • You can add welcome videos, tag interviews, and manage applicant rejections.

SparkHire limitations

  • SparkHire’s best features, like custom questions and assessments, are exclusive to higher-priced plans.

  • Their complex interface can hinder candidates unfamiliar with video interviews.

SparkHire ratings

SparkHire pricing

  • Lite (Up to 50 employees): $149 per month

  • Pro (Up to 200 employees): $299 per month

  • Growth (Up to 500 employees): $499 per month

  • Enterprise (More than 500 employees): Contact for pricing

Compare Hirevire with SparkHire.

My Interview

Meet people, not resumes, is the motto of MyInterview. My Interview offers small businesses and large enterprises an intuitive, collaborative, and reliable hiring platform.

With MyInterview, you will learn about the personality behind the resume before the candidates walk through the door! (virtually)

My Interview best features

  • Customized branding

  • ATS integrations

  • Intelligent shortlisting

  • Invite candidates via CSV, email, or a shareable link

  • Send personalized video introductions

My Interview limitations

  • The free plan only allows for 10 interviews per month, which may not suffice for some businesses.

  • MyInterview lacks integration with other HR software.

  • The limited reporting features can make it difficult to track the effectiveness of your hiring process.

My Interview ratings

My Interview Pricing

  • Individual plan (For businesses with 1-49 employees): Contact for pricing

  • Professional plan (For businesses with 50 employees or more): Contact for pricing

Compare Hirevire with My Interview.


HireVue focuses solely on recorded video interviews, offering options for both live and automated screening.

The platform uses AI and predictive analytics to score candidates on job suitability and provide tips to improve hiring decisions.

HireVue best features

  • Broad question libraries

  • Worldwide candidate availability

  • Insights powered by linguistics and facial recognition

  • Integrations with 600+ HCM tools

  • Premier support and security

While HireVue offers strong capabilities, it’s also one of the most expensive tools reviewed.

The high price tag puts it out of reach for many hiring teams. Support is also rated as just “okay” by users.

HireVue limitations

  • The reporting features are not comprehensive or insightful enough for informed hiring decisions.

  • Some users have reported difficulty getting support for technical issues.

  • Some users reported poor video quality in HireVue interviews, which can be frustrating for candidates and interviewers.

  • HireVue does not have many integration options compared to other products, making it harder to be part of your workflow.

HireVue ratings

HireVue pricing

  • Essential: Starting at $35K

  • Enterprise: Starting at $75K

  • Premium: Request a demo


Vidcruiter is a powerful, all-around solid option with lots of bells and whistles.

It comes at a hefty price, but for those interested in an ATS type of solution they are a possible option.

VidCruiter best features

  • Ability to create fully branded hiring experiences

  • Guidance for establishing structured digital interviews

  • Access to fully automated scheduling features

VidCruiter limitations

  • The learning curve and initial setup can be time-consuming.

  • Reporting capabilities may not be sufficient for complex needs.

VidCruiter ratings

VidCruiter pricing

Contact directly for pricing.

Compare Hirevire with VidCruiter.


Jobma helps to hire faster with on-branded interview experiences. 

Candidates find it easy to record responses to pre-recorded questions at their convenience.

Jobma best features

  • Evaluate candidates' skills and knowledge through digital assessments and online tests.

  • Jobma integrates with popular HR tools, streamlining your workflow.

  • Track candidate engagement and assess interview performance using analytics.

Jobma limitations

  • The free plan's 10 monthly interviews may be insufficient for some businesses.

  • Jobma lacks phone support, which can be a downside for businesses needing immediate assistance.

  • The limited HR tool integrations may not align with your current systems, reducing your integration options.

Jobma ratings

Jobma pricing

  • Custom pricing

Compare Hirevire with Jobma.


Hirepro is an AI-powered video interview platform designed to bring convenience and efficiency to pre-screening. 

The tool allows candidates to self-schedule interviews while providing recruiters with insights through automated evaluations.

Hirepro best features

  • Customizable interview questions

  • Self-scheduling for candidates

  • Recorded and live video options

  • Automated candidate assessments

  • Integration with leading ATS platforms

Hirepro limitations

  • Doesn't offer advanced analytics like facial coding and linguistic analysis.

  • Lacks specific features like customizable question types, live interviews, or candidate self-scheduling.

  • Integration information is limited. It's unclear how effortlessly HirePro integrates with other HR and recruiting platforms.

Hirepro ratings

Hirepro pricing

  • Contact for pricing

Compare Hirevire with Hirepro.


Hireart aims to reinvent the screening process through asynchronous video interviewing and AI-driven recommendations. 

The platform captures responses from each candidate interview and evaluates them using natural language processing.

Hireart best features

  • Automated scheduling and reminders

  • Customizable interview kits

  • AI assessment of video responses

  • Predictive performance analytics

  • Integration with HRIS and ATS systems

Hireart limitations

  • Without access to user reviews or detailed feature comparisons, it's hard to pinpoint limitations.

  • HireArt seems primarily focused on video interviewing for pre-screening. So it might lack features for later interview stages or broader hiring functionalities.

  • Analytics offering is still maturing. 

Hireart ratings

Hireart pricing

  • Contact for pricing

Compare Hirevire with Hireart.


Harver offers an intelligent hiring platform with capabilities for pre-screening, assessments, and more. 

Its video interview feature allows customizable questions along with self-scheduling for convenience.

Harver best features

  • Configurable interview flows

  • Candidate self-scheduling

  • Easy sharing via links

  • AI analysis of responses

  • Analytics dashboard

But Harver is better suited to the needs of enterprise organizations. 

SMBs may find the extensive platform to be overkill for simply pre-screening candidates at scale.

Harver limitations

  • Harver's platform is comprehensive but might be excessive for SMBs. Its capabilities may overwhelm smaller teams.

  • Pricing information isn't readily available on the website, suggesting potential custom pricing based on individual company size and needs.

  • While Harver integrates with various ATS platforms, ensure seamless compatibility with your specific HR and recruiting software to avoid disruptions.

Harver ratings

Harver pricing

  • Contact for pricing

Compare Hirevire with Harver.


Talview provides an end-to-end hiring suite that includes AI-enabled video interviewing for pre-screening. Recruiters can build custom scripts or leverage preset questions targeted to various roles.

Talview best features

  • Automated scheduling

  • Recorded and live video options

  • Customizable interview kits

  • Insights powered by AI analysis

  • Integration marketplace

However, Talview caters more to larger global enterprises. Its pricing starts high and may not suit the needs of small teams and budgets.

Talview limitations

  • The Talview's free plan has limited video minutes, lacks AI features, and has restricted assessment capabilities. Consider upgrading for advanced features.

  • Talview's pricing is not ideal for smaller teams, as it can be relatively high compared to some competitors.

  • If you only need basic pre-screening capabilities, Talview's features may be unnecessary.

Talview ratings

Talview pricing

  • Available upon contacting the sales team

Compare Hirevire with Talview.

Wrapping up

As we've seen, selecting the right pre-screening software is crucial for streamlining your hiring process and making better hiring decisions. 

While evaluating your options, keep your specific needs and priorities in mind. Features like self-scheduling, custom questions, and global access may be deal-breakers for your organisation.

Ultimately, the AI capabilities, analytics, and user-friendly interface of HireVire make it a well-rounded choice for most hiring teams. To see for yourself, visit their website to request a personalized demo.

Implementing a solid pre-screening solution is key with more candidates turning to online platforms during their job search. 

Simplify your process while gaining data-driven insights by leveraging the power of modern hiring software like Hirevire.

Try it out today.