TestGorilla vs Wamly: Which is the best choice for recruiters?

See how testgorilla and wamly compare to each other (and to Hirevire) to help you decide what is the best platform for you.


Comparing Wamly vs TestGorilla

Hirevire Logo
TestGorilla Logo
Wamly Logo
Automated Emails
Candidates can create responses on all devices (Mobiles, Tablets, Desktops)
Career Page Builder
Custom Branding
Custom Domain
Custom Intro and Outro Videos
Customize Emails
Download Transcripts
Download Videos
Export Candidates
Have plans with unlimited responses
Interview Questions with Audio Responses from Candidates
Interview Questions with File Responses from Candidates
Interview Questions with Text Responses from Candidates
Interview Questions with Video Responses from Candidates
Make (Integrately) Integration
No additional mobile app downloads needed for candidates to respond
Pricing plans start at
Starts at $19/month (billed annually)
$75 per month
Free plan to interview up to 30 candidates per month
Shareable Application Links
Transparent Pricing
Unlimited responses starting at
Starts at $19/month (billed annually)
Unlimited responses not mentioned in any pricing plan
Custom Quote available
Video and Audio Transcripts available for 90+ Languages
Webhook Integration
Zapier Integration

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Nathan Ackerman
Nathan Ackerman
Partner, Global Risk Advisory Services, Riley Risk Inc.

If your job or role includes hosting interviews, you should jump on this platform now. While it's a newer approach, having the ability to provide candidates to submit a remote camera interview appointment on THEIR schedule is a huge time saver, and allows the ability to save, review and share for future purposes. I've ...

Lucas Pate
Lucas Pate
CEO - Element 99 Web Services

Hirevire is exactly what I was looking for in a video interview platform. It is easy to use, fast to adopt, and streamlined for the applicants. I use the platform primarily to help vet freelancers and I appreciate how easy it is to add video response questions as well as text response questions to the application form....

Curran Van Waarde
Curran Van Waarde
Founder of CallScaler.com & Wordplay.ai

Solid, simple tool. Needed something easy and simple to collect video interviews from applicants. Just tested it and everything worked properly. Excited to use this tool for my next hire!

Frank Kjerstein
Frank Kjerstein
CEO, Reblade

The ease of use and simplicity of this video-recruitment platform delivers a modern and snappy impression to applicants as a first impression of our company. We like that. Keep keeping it simple, Hirevire!

Rob Hampton
Rob Hampton
Founder, Coda Music Technologies

Before Hirevire, I was cobbling together a makeshift solution using Typeform and Loom videos. While it worked, it was time-consuming and lacked the finesse I desired. Hirevire has made this process so much easier. Now, I achieve superior results in half the time. It's not just a hiring tool, it's a time-saving, produc...

Margi Williams
Margi Williams
IO Psychology Practitioner (Social Scientist, Researcher, Trainer, & Career Developer)

As a career coach and recruiter, I support candidates in all stages of career transition. Adding Hirevire to my toolkit has positioned me to process more candidates while decreasing the time invested in the recruitment lifecycle. Additionally, the technology allows me to work with career coaching clients who require f...

Wasting time interviewing candidates you are never going to hire?

Hirevire's automated screening software lets you collect video, audio and file responses from candidates. Join hundreds of companies that have enhanced their screening and hiring process.

Hirevire features

More Hirevire features


Track views and applications for your job over time.

Video response

Get your applicants to record or upload video responses.

Audio response

Get your applicants to record or upload audio responses.

Files response

Get your applicants to respond with files of any size/format.

Rich text response

Get your applicants to respond with long-form text using feature rich editor.

Custom branding

Customise your job application page with your brand logo and brand colors

Custom domain

Use your custom domains for job application link.

Webhook integration

Incoming webhooks on new applications.

Automated emails

Set up automated emails for shortlisted/rejected candidates.

Shareable application links

Generate and share public links to applications for your team

Download videos

Download and save video responses

AI Transcripts

Transcripts for video and audio responses in 90+ languages.

Bulk invites

Invite candidates using CSV

Export candidates

Export candidates to CSV

Zapier integration

Integrate with 5000+ apps using Zapier

Make integration

Integrate with 2000+ apps using Make

Career page builder

Create a career page for your company

How it works?

Create a job with interview questions

Add the details of the job you are hiring for.

You can (optionally) upload an introduction video explaining the job responsibilities, your company culture and how you are providing a great opportunity.

Share the link or invite with unique link

You get a job application link that you can share with the candidates that you have screened.

Send this out via individual emails or add this your ATS workflow.

Candidates record a video

Candidates can create video response to your questions without the need for a login.

They can answer each question individually and re-record the videos as many times as they like.

Review application and move to next step

When the candidate completes the application, you receive an email notification containing the application's video link.

You can review candidate responses on your own time eliminating the need for scheduling dates and times for the screening.

Is hirevire a right fit for you?

This is a very good fit for you if:
  • You are busy and hiring is not the only thing that you do.
  • You want to avoid context switching for short screening interviews.
  • You believe scheduling basic screening calls are inefficient.
  • You have too many applications to handle.
  • You need more information before setting up an interview.
  • Communication skills are important in the job that you are hiring for.
  • Your HR team is short staffed.
  • Your screening involves collecting additional documents.
  • You spend too much time organising screening responses to share with your team.
  • You believe using AI in recruitment is a foolish approach to an extremely human focused task.
  • You want to get a better sense of the candidate before talking to them.
  • You are constantly hiring.
  • You are productivity focussed.
This is not a good fit for you if:
  • You receive very few resumes.
  • You have plenty of time to talk to each candidate.
  • You want to talk to every candidate.
  • You use a CV to judge whether someone is worth speaking to about the role.

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