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Linkedin Integration

As a business owner, finding the right employees is essential for success. You want to attract top talent to your company, but it can be challenging to sort through hundreds of resumes and find the best candidates. This is where hirevire comes in - a flexible digital hiring process that can help you attract the right candidates from the very beginning. In this article, we will guide you on how to add hirevire to your LinkedIn job posting to attract and hire top talent.

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network, with over 690 million active users, making it an amazing platform to post jobs and receive quality candidates. What's even better is that 90% of these users are open to new job opportunities. Plus, it's free for most users, so you have nothing to lose.

About This Tutorial

This tutorial will cover the steps required to add hirevire to your LinkedIn job posting, including posting your job on LinkedIn, adding hirevire to your LinkedIn job post, and collecting responses.\

Let's get started!

1. Post Your Job on LinkedIn

The first step in attracting the right candidates to your business is to post your job on LinkedIn. The process is quick and easy, and most of the questions you will already have answers to.

To get started, head to LinkedIn and follow these steps:

  • Click on the "Jobs" tab at the top of your LinkedIn home page.
  • Click "Post a Job" and select the job category that best fits your job opening.
  • Fill in the job title, location, and description, including the job responsibilities, qualifications, and skills require.
  • Review your job posting and click "Next.

Continue working through the simple steps until you reach the "Applicant Options 2 of 2" page.2. 

  1. Add Hirevire to Your LinkedIn Job Post

Assuming you have already created a job in hirevire, adding it to your LinkedIn job post is easy. If you haven't, please book a free on-boarding session or watch the pre-recorded on-boarding video.

Here are the steps to add hirevire to your LinkedIn job post:

  • Copy the public application link for the job you would like to invite people to apply for in hirevire.
  • Choose "External Website" as the application method on LinkedIn.
  • Paste the hirevire link you copied earlier into the website address field. Click "Post job for free," and your job will go live on LinkedIn.
  • Share the job with your network, and candidates will begin to apply using hirevire.

By using hirevire at the very beginning of your hiring process, you will attract more candidates to your business.

This is good news for you and your brand as you will have more choices when selecting the best fit for your company. Additionally, by using a digital process, you will receive a more diverse pool of talent as there are fewer barriers to entry.

Trusted by

Yusuf Mansur Özer

Grape Law Firm

All you can look for in a video interview and candidate screening tool: Simple, intuitive, and stable

We absolutely love Hirevire as a candidate screening/video interview tool. It is incredibly simple to use, with a very intuitive user interface that makes it easy for us to quickly and efficiently screen potential candidates. 

The team has been incredibly responsive to any requests we've had for new features, as well as quickly resolving any issues we've encountered. The video and audio quality are excellent, and the platform is very stable, so we never have to worry about technical issues. 

Overall, we couldn't be happier with Hirevire and would highly recommend it to anyone in need of a candidate screening or video interview tool.

Nathan Ackerman

Partner, Riley Risk Inc.

If your job or role includes hosting interviews, you should jump on this platform now. While it's a newer approach, having the ability to provide candidates to submit a remote camera interview appointment on THEIR schedule is a huge time saver, and allows the ability to save, review and share for future purposes.

I've found the team to be very responsive, and am very happy with the future planned progress for this platform.

Shailesh Jain

Co-Founder ultraGenius

I recently used hirevire for the recruitment process and I am extremely impressed with the platform.

 It gives my team the ability to pre-screen candidates through video interviews.

Curran Van Waarde

Founder of

Needed something easy and simple to collect video interviews from applicants. Just tested it and everything worked properly.

Excited to use this tool for my next hire!

Lucas Pate

CEO - Element 99 Web Services

Hirevire is exactly what I was looking for in a video interview platform. It is easy to use, fast to adopt, and streamlined for the applicants. I use the platform primarily to help vet freelancers and I appreciate how easy it is to add video response questions as well as text response questions to the application form. 

Hirevire's video application process doesn't waste your time (or your applicant's time) with a bunch of unnecessary features. It accomplishes precisely what is needed. Another huge bonus: when we had an applicant who had an issue with their video upload, the Hirevire team was immediately responsive to the issue (before I even knew it was an issue) to help fix the problem and assist the applicant.

6/5 stars from me.

Rob Hampton

Founder, Coda Music Technologies

Before Hirevire, I was cobbling together a makeshift solution using Typeform and Loom videos. While it worked, it was time-consuming and lacked the finesse I desired.

Hirevire has made this process so much easier. Now, I achieve superior results in half the time. It's not just a hiring tool, it's a time-saving, productivity-boosting powerhouse.

Hirevire has truly transformed the way I recruit, making it a seamless and efficient process to pre-screen candidates for culture and skill fit before I ever schedule a call with them.

Frank Kjerstein

CEO, Reblade

The ease of use and simplicity of this video-recruitment platform delivers a modern and snappy impression to applicants as a first impression of our company. We like that. Keep keeping it simple, Hirevire!

Margi Williams

IO Psychology Practitioner

As a career coach and recruiter, I support candidates in all stages of career transition. Adding Hirevire to my toolkit has positioned me to process more candidates while decreasing the time invested in the recruitment lifecycle.

Additionally, the technology allows me to work with career coaching clients who require feedback when preparing for interviews.

This tool is a must have for career professionals and hiring managers!

Kyle David

President and CEO, KDG

We demo a LOT of software and Hirevire is one of my favorites for it's stupid-simple interface and ease of use both for the company and the applicant. We spent a few hours this morning looking at how to weave this into our recruiting process and with every question, Hirevire fit the bill. The webhooks are simple enough that it makes for really easy integration with our existing ATS just using Zapier.
Paramount to the whole thing is the fact that the interview experience is seamless for the candidates. All around one of the best things we've bought on AppSumo in years!

Try it out today.