Top 10 Evalgator Competitors: Alternatives and Comparisons

Top 10 Evalgator Competitors: Alternatives and Comparisons

Samyak Ramteke

Samyak Ramteke

Samyak Ramteke

Have you ever felt frustrated with the limitations of your current employee performance evaluation software? Maybe it lacks customization options, or the user interface feels outdated and clunky.

If you're seeking a more robust and user-friendly alternative to Evalgator, you've come to the right place.

Organizations need efficient and reliable tools to streamline their employee evaluation processes. While Evalgator has been a popular choice, it may not meet the unique needs of every company. That's where exploring alternative solutions comes into play.

This post will dive into ten top competitors to Evalgator, each offering its own set of features and advantages. From cutting-edge technology to comprehensive reporting capabilities, these alternatives aim to revolutionize the way you manage employee performance reviews.

Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, finding the right evaluation tool can significantly impact your company's productivity, employee engagement, and overall success.

Get ready to explore a world of possibilities beyond Evalgator, and discover the solution that best aligns with your organization's goals.

Top 10 Evalgator competitors


Hirevire is the best out there if you are busy and hiring is not the only thing that you do.

Hirevire will collect all types of responses from video, and audio, to file responses to give you better judgement about the candidate's abilities.

You get to see candidates’ true personalities shine while gathering in-depth insights about their abilities.

It is the fastest way to pre-screen applicants and identify those worth investing in for further interviews.

Key Features of Hirevire

  • Video Screening - Assess soft skills/fit with pre-recorded video Q&A

  • Time Savings - Skip initial interviews to accelerate screening

  • ATS Integration - Smooth syncing promotes unified candidate experiences

  • Intuitive Interface - Easy for both recruiters and applicants to use

With Hirevire, you can rapidly identify promising talent while simultaneously providing an engaging, modern experience.

Hirevire Cons

  • It is not a good fit if you receive very few resumes.

  • Not a good fit for interviewers with ample time.


Pricing of Hirevire

Hirevire offers a 7-day free trial with no credit card requirements. There are 3 pricing tiers available:

  • One Job: $29 per month / $290 per year

  • Startup: $49 per month / $490 per year

  • Growth: $99 per month / $990 per year

Sounds like exactly what you’ve been looking for? Get started today for free!


Hirepro is an AI-powered video interview platform designed to bring convenience and efficiency to pre-screening.

The tool allows candidates to self-schedule interviews while providing recruiters with insights through automated evaluations.

Hirepro best features

  • Customizable interview questions

  • Self-scheduling for candidates

  • Recorded and live video options

  • Automated candidate assessments

  • Integration with leading ATS platforms

Hirepro limitations

  • Doesn't offer advanced analytics like facial coding and linguistic analysis.

  • Lacks specific features like customizable question types, live interviews, or candidate self-scheduling.

  • Integration information is limited. It's unclear how effortlessly HirePro integrates with other HR and recruiting platforms.

Hirepro ratings

Hirepro pricing

  • Contact for pricing

Compare Evalgator with Hirepro.


iMocha, a pre-hire assessment tool and an Adaface competitor for recruitment professionals.

The platform's creators intended to assist businesses in leveraging employee skills as a competitive asset.

iMocha utilizes technology as the foundation of its product, facilitating the assessment of the current skill set of the workforce and identifying areas for growth and improvement.


  • Smart proctoring: Video, audio, and image proctoring to monitor candidates during tests and prevent cheating.

  • Advanced cheating prevention: AI-enabled measures to ensure fair technical test-taking.

  • Custom test creation: Tailor tests to meet your specific needs.

  • Huge assessment library: Assess over 2,500 skills with this feature.

  • Talent analytics: Gain insights into candidates' strengths and weaknesses to make informed hiring decisions.

  • AI-LogicBox & language analyzer: These AI-powered features add an extra layer of evaluation for coding and language skills.

  • Integrations: BambooHR, Zoho Recruit, Greenhouse, Workable, Jobvite, SmartRecruiters


  • Fast hiring

  • Reduced bias

  • Excellent support

  • Well-designed integrations


  • Limited test sharing

  • No psychometric tests

  • Account manager issues

Pricing options

iMocha presents pricing options upon request.


  • g2: 4.4 out of 5

  • Capterra: 4.5 out of 5

Compare Evalgator with iMocha.

Interviewer AI

Interviewer AI accommodates candidates by allowing them to interview at their own convenience, improving the overall experience.

Interviewer AI’s Key Features

  • Interviewer AI is available in over 100 countries, allowing you to interview candidates from all over the world.

  • Interviewer AI integrates with multiple popular HRIS and ATS systems, making it easy to incorporate into your current workflow.

Downsides of Interviewer AI

  • Setting up can be time-consuming, especially for companies with many open positions.

Reviews and Ratings


  • Starter plan: Contact for pricing

  • Growth plan: Contact for pricing

  • Premium plan: Contact for pricing

Compare Evalgator with Interviewer AI.


Intervue helps businesses with a simple yet powerful video recruitment solution.

This platform offers customizable questions and workflows, a live coding environment with 35+ programming languages, video calling, and collaborative features for efficient candidate evaluation and streamlined hiring.

Key Features of Intervue

  • Easy video question creation

  • Candidate pipeline management

  • Notes, tags, bookmarks, and reminders

  • API access for integrations

Downsides of Intervue

  • Analytics functionality lags some competitors

  • No live video interview features

Reviews & Ratings of Intervue

Pricing of Intervue

  • FAANG plan: Interviewers who have built the best tech products in the world interview start at ₹3600/-

  • Hypergrowth plan: Interviewers from product companies that build for scale. They are well-versed in multiple skills Interviews start at ₹3200/-

  • Startup plan: Interviewers from product companies who are well-versed with multiple skills. interview starts at ₹2800/-

  • Enterprise plan: Interviewers from large enterprises like Adobe, Dell, Samsung, etc. Interview starts at ₹1800/-

Compare Evalgator with Intervue.


Jobma helps to hire faster with on-branded interview experiences. Candidates find it easy to record responses to pre-recorded questions at their convenience.

Jobma’s Key Features

  • Evaluate candidates' skills and knowledge through digital assessments and online tests.

  • Jobma integrates with popular HR tools, streamlining your workflow.

  • Track candidate engagement and assess interview performance using analytics.

Downsides of Jobma

  • The free plan's 10 monthly interviews may be insufficient for some businesses.

  • Jobma lacks phone support, which can be a downside for businesses needing immediate assistance.

  • The limited HR tool integrations may not align with your current systems, reducing your integration options.

Reviews and Ratings


  • Custom pricing

Compare Evalgator with Jobma.


HireVue is one of the leading video interview software platforms, used by over 700 top enterprises worldwide.

Their hiring intelligence platform transforms the way companies discover, hire, and develop talent.

It combines video interviews with predictive, validated IO science and artificial intelligence (AI).

HireVue augments human decision-making in the hiring process and delivers higher-quality talent, faster.

Key Features of HireVue

  • Intelligent video interview capabilities with AI scoring.

  • Automated scheduling, reminders, and interview analyses.

  • Library of pre-built video assessments.

  • Analytics dashboard and custom reporting.

  • Broad question libraries.

  • Worldwide candidate availability.

  • Insights powered by linguistics and facial recognition.

Downsides of HireVue

  • There is a steep learning curve for some users.

  • It can be pricey for smaller companies.

  • Some users reported poor video quality in HireVue interviews, which can frustrate candidates and interviewers.

Reviews & Ratings of HireVue

Pricing of HireVue

  • Essential: Starting at $35K

  • Enterprise: Starting at $75K

  • Premium: Request a demo


Monjin offers an intelligent hiring platform with advanced video assessment capabilities.

Key Features

  • Structured video interview workflows

  • Custom criteria scoring and ratings

  • Candidate sentiment analysis via AI

  • Chrome extension for easy scheduling


  • More focused on mid-market and enterprise

  • Steep learning curve for some users initially

Reviews & Ratings


  • Custom quote based on needs

Compare Evalgator with Monjin.


With over 6,000 customers conducting video interviews in over 100 countries, Spark Hire helps several enterprises make better, more collaborative and quick recruiting decisions.

Companies of all sizes are using Spark Hire to make better hires faster.

SparkHire’s Key Features

  • One-way interviews and live interview options are available.

  • Branding customization

  • Collaboration tools

  • You can add welcome videos, tag interviews, and manage applicant rejections.

Downsides of SparkHire

  • SparkHire’s best features, like custom questions and assessments, are exclusive to higher-priced plans.

  • Their complex interface can hinder candidates unfamiliar with video interviews.

Reviews and Ratings


  • Lite (Up to 50 employees): $149 per month

  • Pro (Up to 200 employees): $299 per month

  • Growth (Up to 500 employees): $499 per month

  • Enterprise (More than 500 employees): Contact for pricing

Compare Evalgator with SparkHire.


Odro empowers businesses with an advanced hiring platform that incorporates sophisticated video screening capabilities.

Designed specifically for the recruitment process, Odro offers an all-in-one video interviewing and candidate engagement solution.

Key Features of Odro

  • Structured, automated video workflows

  • Custom criteria scoring and ratings

  • Candidate sentiment analysis via AI

  • Integration with ATS like Greenhouse

Downsides of Odro

  • A steep learning curve for some users initially

  • Potentially pricey for smaller companies

Reviews & Ratings of Odro

Pricing of Odro

  • Custom quote

Compare Evalgator with Odro.


Having the right employee evaluation tool can be a game-changer for your organization's success. While Evalgator has been a popular choice, exploring alternatives tailored to your specific needs can unlock a world of possibilities for streamlining performance reviews and driving employee engagement.

Now that you've gained insights into ten top Evalgator competitors, it's time to take action. Start by assessing your company's unique requirements and priorities, such as user-friendliness, customization options, reporting capabilities, and integration with existing systems.

Once you've identified the features that matter most, take advantage of free trials or demos offered by the solutions that piqued your interest.

This hands-on experience will allow you to see firsthand how each alternative could fit into your organization's workflow and culture.

Additionally, consider reaching out to the vendors' customer support teams or consulting with industry experts to gather more in-depth information and guidance.

Their expertise can help you navigate the decision-making process and ensure a smooth transition to the new platform.

Remember, investing in the right employee evaluation tool is an investment in your company's future success.

By prioritizing a solution that empowers your team and fosters a culture of continuous improvement, you'll be well on your way to unlocking the full potential of your workforce.

Try it out today.