The hirevue alternative for one way video interviews

The hirevue alternative for one way video interviews

Sanat Hegde

Sanat Hegde

Sanat Hegde

Did Hirevue make things more expensive for you all of a sudden? Are you trying to find another choice that isn't HireVue for your hiring process? One that is easier, more focused, and cheaper? Hirevire is your answer!

To stay top in the job market these days, hiring managers need to always be on the lookout for tools and services to help them make their hiring process faster and smoother.

One great way to stay ahead is by using automated hiring software. While a lot of people are talking about HireVue, Hirevire's video interviewing platform is also getting noticed. It is a good and surprisingly cheap alternative to HireVue.

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Hirevire vs. HireVue: A quick look at Hirevire's video interviewing platform

Both HireVue and Hirevire are online hiring platforms where you can set up one-way interview systems and receive video applications. But, there are some big differences between them. HireVue offers a lot of different things, while Hirevire focuses on making one part of the hiring process simpler.

Instead of using heavy AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools like HireVue, Hirevire went all-in on creating an easy-to-use, one-way video interviewing platform. This makes the hiring process smoother for both managers and candidates.

Comparing the Differences

In many ways, Hirevire is a better and cheaper alternative to HireVue.

What HireVue Offers

HireVue offers a lot, including:

  • Live and on-demand video software

  • Game-based and coding tests

  • A chat tool using AI

While these things might be useful for some hiring managers or recruiters, others might find them useless and time-consuming.

What Hirevire Offers

If you want to start right now and grow quickly, you'll love Hirevire's video interviewing platform. You can find and hire qualified candidates with ease.

Unlike other HireVue alternatives, Hirevire is simple and easy to use. It doesn't require a lot of time to learn and get used to. With fewer extra features, it's easy to navigate and help simplify your hiring process.

With Hirevire, you can set up a one-way interview in just a few minutes and start interviewing job applicants right away.

  • Some of the best things about Hirevire:

  • One-way video interviews available all the time

  • Works on all devices (computer, tablet, phone)

  • Interview questions with video or text responses

  • Custom intro and outro videos

  • Automate your invite, rejection and shortlist emails

Best of all, Hirevire is really easy to use, with no need for apps, log-in, or registration to create a better experience for candidates.

Try it out today! We have a free 7 day trial so you can see how easy it is to use for yourself.

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One-Way Interviewing

HireVue offers one-way interviewing on their platform, but it's just one of the many things they offer, and it's not as simple to use. At Hirevire, one-way video interviewing is our main feature.

How it Works with Other Tools

Hirevire doesn't use a lot of AI tools, but it does work well with other software to help you find the right candidate. Hirevire can be connected with both ATS and Zapier. It also has a powerful video interview API that lets you make custom connections.


Since HireVue offers a lot, it's no surprise that it costs a lot.

While HireVue does give cost options based on a company’s size and needs, even their smallest package starts at $35k and doesn't include all the features. While big companies might not care about the cost, smaller ones might look for something more affordable.

That's where Hirevire really shines. Hirevire is a great option for companies of all sizes, especially those that are still growing.

Hirevire offers three plans, and you can pay for them every month or once a year.

- Starter - $49/month. Perfect for companies with 49 employees or fewer.

- Growth - $99/month. Best for companies with 50 employees and more

- Custom - Custom costs for bigger companies with a lot of hiring to do.

Not only are Hirevire's prices affordable for all companies, but you can even lower your cost by paying once a year. Plus, because Hirevire offers a free 7 day trial, it doesn't cost anything to try it out and see how simple video hiring can be.

Simple or Fancy

What HireVue Offers…

HireVue offers a lot of features, but be ready to spend much time learning and fixing problems to use them.

What Hirevire Offers…

Hirevire is simple and easy to use. We get rid of things that make the process complicated, so you can start hiring faster and more efficiently. That's the goal, after all, to save you time!

It’s the HireVue alternative that makes the hiring process easy and can be adjusted for more hiring as you grow.

Try it out today.