Our Picks for the Best Candidate Screening Tool for Your Hiring Needs

Our Picks for the Best Candidate Screening Tool for Your Hiring Needs

Headshot of the writer Samyak Ramteke
Headshot of the writer Samyak Ramteke

Samyak Ramteke

Samyak Ramteke

Samyak Ramteke

In today's competitive job market, people expect to get hired quickly.

To attract and retain top candidates, you need to streamline your hiring process for quick and effortless hiring.

It means optimizing the right processes and systems within your hiring process.

There are many ways to save time and increase hiring efficiency.

The best way is to use a candidate screening tool to source, assess, and hire the best talent while helping your HR team improve efficiency.

This happens with the right candidate screening tools in place.

We've compiled a list of the best assessment tools in the market to keep up with your competitors' use of hiring technology. It includes pricing, top features, and best use cases

But first — what is a candidate screening tool?

Candidate screening involves evaluating job applicants to determine if they are a good fit for a position. Employers review resumes, conduct interviews, and sometimes give tests to assess qualifications, experience, and cultural fit.

Many apply for the same job, creating the need for an effective screening tool. One solution is a one-way interview where applicants answer pre-set questions.

This method helps to sort through many and identify those who are qualified and fit the company's culture, like picking a new player for a sports team or choosing a group member for a school project.

Why use candidate screening software?

Candidate screening tools transform the hiring process by streamlining tasks, ensuring objectivity, and providing valuable insights. These tools offer benefits that elevate your recruiting efforts:

  • Automating critical hiring funnel aspects accelerates sourcing and reduces time-to-hire, improving efficiency. This agility gives a competitive edge in securing top talent.

  • Enhanced Quality of Hire: Objective evaluation criteria and job-fit assessments from screening tools help identify the most qualified candidates, minimizing the risk of costly mis-hires.

  • Screening tools streamline the hiring process by automatically filtering and ranking applicants based on predefined criteria, allowing you to focus on the most promising candidates.

  • Scalability: Automated screening tools address hiring challenges at scale. They process a high volume of applications seamlessly, improving each applicant's chances of being considered.

These tools offer insights into your hiring process, enabling data-driven decisions. By using candidate screening, you can streamline your hiring efforts and attract and retain top talents.

How to choose a candidate screening tool?

Can the tool help you get more qualified candidates on a larger scale? Here are 4 other factors to consider:

  1. Assessments: The tool must test the relevant skills and qualities for the jobs you're hiring for. It should have different puzzles to assess thinking skills, job knowledge, personality, and problem-solving. They should be well-designed and tailored to your job needs.

  2. Can you customize the tool to match your company's hiring process? You can build puzzles, change scoring, and connect them to your existing hiring software.

  3. User-friendly for all: Using the tool should be like a frustration-free puzzle. Both job applicants (candidates) and recruiters should find it clear. Applicants should find the tests fair, while recruiters should have a helpful dashboard to see the results.

  4. Learning from the puzzle: The best tools give valuable information, like breakdowns of individual and overall test results. This helps in choosing the best candidates.

5 Best Candidate Screening Tools


Hirevire is the best out there if you are busy and hiring is not the only thing that you do.

Hirevire will collect all types of responses from video, and audio, to file responses to give you better judgment about the candidate's abilities.

You get to see candidates’ true personalities shine while gathering in-depth insights about their abilities.

It is the fastest way to pre-screen applicants and identify those worth investing in for further interviews.

Key Features of Hirevire

  • Video Screening - Assess soft skills/fit with pre-recorded video Q&A

  • Time Savings - Skip initial interviews to accelerate screening

  • ATS Integration - Smooth syncing promotes unified candidate experiences

  • Intuitive Interface - Easy for both recruiters and applicants to use

With Hirevire, you can rapidly identify promising talent while simultaneously providing an engaging, modern experience.

Hirevire Cons

  • It is not a good fit if you receive very few resumes.

  • Not a good fit for interviewers with ample time.


Pricing of Hirevire

Hirevire offers a 7-day free trial with no credit card requirements. There are 3 pricing tiers available:

  • One Job: $29 per month / $290 per year

  • Startup: $49 per month / $490 per year

  • Growth: $99 per month / $990 per year

Sounds like exactly what you’ve been looking for? Get started today for free!


With over 6,000 customers conducting video interviews in over 100 countries, Spark Hire helps several enterprises make better, more collaborative and quick recruiting decisions.

Companies of all sizes are using Spark Hire to make better hires faster.

SparkHire best features

  • One-way interviews and live interview options are available.

  • Branding customization

  • Collaboration tools

  • You can add welcome videos, tag interviews, and manage applicant rejections.

SparkHire limitations

  • SparkHire’s best features, like custom questions and assessments, are exclusive to higher-priced plans.

  • Their complex interface can hinder candidates unfamiliar with video interviews.

SparkHire ratings

SparkHire pricing

  • Lite (Up to 50 employees): $149 per month

  • Pro (Up to 200 employees): $299 per month

  • Growth (Up to 500 employees): $499 per month

  • Enterprise (More than 500 employees): Contact for pricing

Compare Hirevire with SparkHire.


TestGorilla offers easy-to-use video interview software for SMBs.

Key Features

  • Custom multi-media interview kits

  • Structured interview workflows

  • Collaboration tools and stakeholder reviews

  • Integration with Greenhouse and Workable


  • More lightweight features compared to enterprise tools

  • Analytics and reporting capabilities are limited

Reviews & Ratings


  • $149/month base plan - $399/month enterprise plan

Compare Hirevire with TestGorillla.


VideoAsk provides an easy-to-use video recruiting solution for quick screening.

Key Features

  • Simple video question creation

  • Pre-set video interview templates

  • Candidate management and notifications

  • Mobile app for field recruiters


  • Less advanced customization than competitors

  • Analytics and reporting functionality

Reviews & Ratings


  • Custom quote based on needs

Compare Hirevire with VideoAsk.


Eddy is an all-in-one HR software for small businesses that helps them manage their HR processes more efficiently and compliantly.

Eddy’s Key Features

  • Job Board: Manage job openings, candidates, and applications effortlessly.

  • Send personalized onboarding packets.

  • Time tracking: Monitor employee hours and overtime.

  • Payroll: Pay employees and generate reports.

Eddy is easy to use and affordable, making it a great option for small businesses that are looking to streamline their HR processes.

Downsides of Eddy

  • Complexity: Some HR software tools can be complex and difficult to use.

  • Integration: HR software may not integrate well with other business systems.

Reviews and Ratings


  • Eddy starts at $6 a month, per person.

Eddy is a great tool for small businesses that are looking to improve their HR processes. Its ease of use, affordability, and comprehensive feature set make it a great value for the price.

Compare TestGorilla with Eddy.

Elevate Your Candidate Assessment With Hirevire

Candidate screening tool helps to select high-quality hires and reduce hiring time. Choose the tool that suits your needs and will give you the best return on your investment.

At Hirevire, we specialize in providing hiring teams with async candidate screening tools to streamline your hiring process. Ready to start screening talent at scale? Get started today for free!

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