Pre-Screening Questions to Ponder: An Essential Guide for Hiring Success

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As businesses increasingly rely on technology, the role of tech support has never been more critical. When hiring for this role, it's essential to ask the right questions to identify the technical skills and soft skills needed to excel in a tech support role. This article presents some prescreening questions to ask potential tech support hires, to help streamline your hiring process.

Pre-screening interview questions

Do You Hold Any Technical Support Certifications?

Knowing what technical support certifications a candidate holds can offer insight into their technical knowledge and skills. Certifications reflect dedication to professional growth and a commitment to staying informed about the latest tech advances.

What is Your Process for Handling Technical Problems?

Probing into an applicant's problem-solving skills is essential. Their answer can shed light on their analytical thinking and whether they can systematically troubleshoot and resolve issues.

Can You Describe a Time Where You Resolved a Complex Technical Issue?

Anecdotal evidence of how candidates handled past technical issues provides proof of their problem-solving capability. It can also display their ability to handle stress and high-pressure situations.

How Do You Handle Customers Who Aren't Tech-Savvy?

This question is crucial in gauging an applicant's patience, compassion, and ability to communicate complex ideas simply and clearly, all of which are critical for dealing with clients who are not technologically inclined.

Do You Have Experience with Remote Desktop Support?

As more businesses support remote work, experience with remote desktop support has become a must-have. Familiarity with remote access software is a big plus.

What Software or Tools Do You Use to Maintain Customer Relationships?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) skills are just as important in the tech world. Ideally, candidates should have experience with common CRM software and have strategies for building lasting customer relationships.

In Which Technical Areas Do You Have the Most Expertise?

Understanding a candidate's technical strengths helps you determine their fit for your specific tech needs. While versatility is key in tech support, specialization in specific areas can be beneficial too.

Can You Describe a Time Where You Had to Manage a Serious Service Outage?

Service outages represent moments of pure crisis in tech support. Hearing how a candidate handled such a situation can illustrate their crisis management skills and unruffled demeanor in tough situations.

Do You Have Experience in Creating Training Guides or Technical Manuals?

Creating training guides or technical manuals shows a candidate's ability to communicate complex technical concepts in writing, a beneficial skill for educating both the team and the clients.

What Do You Do When You're Unsure How to Resolve an Issue?

We all encounter situations where we don't have an immediate solution. This question peeks into how candidates address their knowledge gaps and learn new solutions.

Are You Comfortable Working in a High-Pressure, Fast-Paced Environment?

Tech support can be fast-paced and high-pressure. Candidates need to demonstrate an ability to keep calm, think clearly, and act swiftly under such conditions.

What are Your Strategies for Managing Your Workflow?

Good time management and organizational skills are key to prioritizing tasks and meeting deadlines in tech support roles. This question helps you ascertain a candidate's workflow.

Do You Have Experience with Helpdesk Software?

Experience with helpdesk software like Jira or Zendesk is a practical sign a candidate is well-versed in common tools of the tech support trade.

Can You Provide Examples of the Technical Documentation You Usually Handle?

A look at a candidate's technical writing offers concrete evidence of their capacity to break down complex topics into digestible formats.

Even in this age of software, hardware issues still arise. Candidates should be confident in their ability to troubleshoot hardware issues.

Do You Have Experience with IT Ticketing Systems?

Experience with IT ticketing systems can be crucial as it prominently figures in customer service and issue resolution in many tech support roles.

How Would You Prioritize Support Issues When Multiple Tickets are Open?

An important part of tech support is determining which problems need immediate attention. This question will shed light on a candidate's prioritization skills.

What Steps Would You Take to Rectify a Compromised System?

Security is a primary concern in technology. This question helps assess a candidate's understanding of standard protocols to handle breached systems.

How Do You Keep Up to Date with the Latest Tech Support Tools, Processes, and Best Practices?

The field of tech support is ever-evolving. A commitment to continual learning is therefore essential for any tech support professional.

What Methods Do You Use to Explain Complex Technical Issues in a Simple Way to the Customer?

Communication skills are just as important as technical skills in customer support roles. A candidate's ability to demystify complex technical issues for customers speaks volumes about their potential in a tech support role.

Prescreening questions for Technical Support
  1. What technical support certifications do you have?
  2. What is your process for handling technical problems?
  3. Can you describe a time where you resolved a complex technical issue?
  4. How do you handle customers who aren't tech-savvy?
  5. Do you have experience with remote desktop support?
  6. What software or tools are you familiar with for maintaining customer relationships?
  7. In which technical areas do you have the most expertise?
  8. Can you describe a time where you had to manage a serious service outage?
  9. Do you have experience in creating training guides or technical manuals?
  10. How do you handle a situation where you are unsure how to resolve an issue?
  11. Are you comfortable working under pressure in a fast-paced environment?
  12. What are your strategies for managing your workflow?
  13. Do you have experience with helpdesk software?
  14. Can you provide examples of the technical documentation you usually handle?
  15. How comfortable are you with troubleshooting hardware-related issues?
  16. Do you have experience with IT ticketing systems?
  17. How would you prioritize support issues when multiple tickets are open?
  18. What steps would you take to rectify a compromised system?
  19. How do you keep up to date with the latest tech support tools, processes, and best practices?
  20. What methods do you use to explain complex technical issues in a simple way to the customer?

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